Why Guided Meditation?

February 1, 2022

Meditation is a personal experience of calming the body, the mind and finding a deeper awareness of oneself. It can be done seated, laying down or within movement.

Loni’s own experience with Meditation has been many years of being thoughtful inwardly, listening, feeling and calming oneself down internally while bringing more awareness to the energy around her. It has been a tremendous help in staying present in many situations in life, of noticing what is going on energetically within her system and allowing the energy pathways to open and move more seamlessly. It never fails to allow her to feel more open, joyful and grounded.

In her work with others, she guides her clients through an approach that grounds their energy, opens it up to their own higher source, and allows them to visualize their breath in areas that may need some more awareness in that moment. The meditation technique may be used in a session on it’s own or within an Restoring Balance Session. Each session is unique to what is going on specifically with the person and how the guided meditation is incorporated within the session. What will result is a deeper awareness, and a deeper sense of calm in her clients. Her client’s will be able to take this awareness with them into their own meditation practice.