The Importance of Restoring Balance

February 1, 2022

An integrative approach designed by Loni to align and harmonize the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body fields.

This is sourced from all the years of knowledge attained through working with others and within herself to be in touch with all the subtleties of energy, emotions and the physical structure of our bodies. Loni utilizes her ability to flow energy through her own body.

She uses her intuition, guidance, senses and keen eye to see subtleties in her client’s bodies and is able to receive information that is helpful to assist others have ease within themselves. She uses these tools to guide her clients toward restoring balance within their own personal beings. This is an ever flowing place within each of us which can at times get out of balance.

Guided subtle movement, energy healing, integrative breathing, guided meditation and a touch of aromatherapy may be combined within the session. Each session can vary depending upon the individual and circumstances being presented which can change from moment to moment in our daily lives.